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Every so often, we get an opportunity to work with another shop, or vendor, who deserves an old-fashioned pat- on- the- back, and an unsolicited "Atta-boy" award.  They're usually the type that'll say they don't deserve it, which lends a little more weight to their nomination.
Next time we run across another one of these fine individuals, we'll let loose a SHOUTOUT right here:   

October 2014-
We recently conducted our business with some folks that have earned the first "Bay One Attaboy" awards in quite some time. Both of these vendors provided outstanding help with coatings and parts related to our 1971 Ford Bronco project "T2". We proudly recommend a look at their web sites and some friendly conversation with their staff for possible help with your project.

Attaboy #1 goes to...

550 Brick Church Park Dr.
Nashville, TN 37207

Cody Jones at Nitro Plate was a tremendous help when it came to choosing and applying a durable, good-looking coating to the original exhaust headers. The final results do not discolor due to heat cycling, and match the rest of our engine bay color scheme to a T2.
Color us pleased.


Attaboy #2 goes to...

2294 Sage Road
Medford, Oregon 97501

The guys at Tom's Bronco Parts never flinched when we started unrolling the list of essentials we were gonna need. After getting big promises/little results from "a competitor", it was a relief to find a capable, one-stop shop, like TBP, to help us get back to installing parts instead of trying to find them. Felt clutch bushings lately...?
No problemo for Tom's crew.