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What’s the potential R.O.I. for a completed project? 
Could there be a good return on my investment, if sold at a later date?

We think the Customer sets their own values of personal investment and return by choosing a vehicle they believe is worthy of a rebuild.  The true value of any particular vehicle depends on how collectable and/or desirable it is in a constantly adjusting market.  You might be amazed at the dollars some people will spend to fix up road-ready ride that might not appeal to your average on-looker.

  We can use this example to compare value: An International Scout and a Jaquar are to be repaired, each project entails 3,000 parts to restore.  By the book, the Scout is worth $20,000 and the value of the Jaguar is $90,000. Let’s inject that these two cars involve the same rust, dents, availability of parts, price for parts, and time needed to find each part.  In addition, it takes the same time to fully restore the complete vehicle right down to the minute. Regardless if it took the same monetary investment to restore them, we would still have a value difference of $70,000. Supply and demand will always set the values.  The Scout will never be worth what the Jaguar can demand.​​

(Except maybe to the very proud Scout owner…)    

Because of the above list of unknown factors, we build projects using per-hour billingon all labor and materials related to your project.  Of course, we always verify approval for any charges not addressed in the original plans or parts.

Keep in mind that a vehicles’ overall condition, and the amount of original or custom parts requested varies, so comparing one project to another will more than likely result in an inaccurate benchmark.  Until vehicle condition is completely and thoroughly assessed, we would be unable to develop a comprehensive plan for the project.

When it has been determined and agreed that a new project is to be undertaken, we can begin to draw up our comprehensive plan, then start to remove the old and apply the new, always with consideration for the build owners’ dream and budget.  

As one wise man told me: "You can have Buck Rogers... if you have the bucks!"​


How Does your billing process work?

We are often asked if we can “Ball Park” an estimate for the total cost to build or paint a project.  The problems is, usually these quotes sound, and ARE too good to be true.  

There are important questions that require answers before starting your build: ​

  • How much body damage and/or rust repair would be required?
  • How many parts need to be replaced?
  • How much time will it take to locate and purchase each part?
  • What is the quality level of available parts: "gently used", reproduction, or New Old Stock?
  • If reproduction parts are available, how much prep work is needed to meet quality requirements?
  • How much time will it take to fabricate the parts that are not available?   ​

Are there additional charges for materials and parts?

   We charge for the time spent finding parts and specific materials for a project.  We do not have the man power to hunt down or research any non-Client requests for parts, supplies or technical information.  Besides that, we don't want you to miss out on the thrill of the chase... Thank you for understanding!

Bay One Customs
Frequently Asked Questions

Bay One Customs
to discuss anything you don't see listed in these available services. ...

  • Body & Panel Replacement
  • Rust Repairs
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Suspension & Chassis upgrade and service
  • Engine Swaps and Service
  • Transmission replace and repairs
  • Rear end-differential replace and service
  • Fuel System upgrade and service
  • Brake system upgrade and service
  • Steering Upgrades
  • Air Conditioning system complete install or service
  • Cooling System upgrade or service
  • Electrical Replace and Service
  • Antique Wood Body Replacement and Repairs
  • Custom Paint & Design
  • Dash & Instrument Service
  • Custom Wheel and Tire fitment
  • Any other services to keep your classic on the road

What turns your wrench at Bay One?

Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Auto Restoration, Custom Street Rods, Hot Rods,
or pretty much anything on wheels...

Bottom Line: The Build is Half the Fun

  Bay One Customs' foundation is based on complete honesty and integrity. In all our dealings, we strive to be professional and fair.  We enjoy the challenge and creativity involved in what we do, and we insist on giving our best effort from start to finish.  Our structure includes customizing and/or restoring a wide range of vehicles that are chosen by our customers to be built for them, specifically.  We don't "flip cars"... we build automotive dreams.  Clear communication and an understanding of customer expectations, timelineand budget, is  what tops off our tank. 

   Have you been thinking: "Hey... who should I choose to build my dream project, and can I trust my pride and joy to a facility that's miles away?" As you look through our website you will see an organized facility with quality techniques being performed on many different types of vehicles. Many of the projects we build are for clients who keep their vehicle for the remainder of their life and pass it on to their family to enjoy it with the same passion.

  When building your dream ride with this criteria, every detail is accounted for at Bay One Customs. This type of client will be polishing their pride and joy for many years to come, so we want them to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we provided the highest level workmanship through the entire project.

   Maybe you need a thorough inspection, or an appraisal for insurance purposes. You may want proof for a potential buyer that your car or truck is worth the asking price. If you are looking to purchase a Hot Rod or original Classic we can check it over to give you peace of mind, so you know if you are getting a good buy or you should work out a quick "goodbye". 

   Give me a call, or send an email to make an appointment to begin your project's evaluation. Most vehicle inspections take an hour or two to complete. We find that many of the cars we inspect were built or restored incorrectly, and are dangerous to drive. If you have already purchased a classic and are leery of the craftsmanship, let us look it over so you know the truth about what you have.  Remember... The Truth Has No Agenda! 

   I appreciate your business, and thank you for considering that Bay One Customs
could bring your vision of your ultimate car to life.  Sincerely, 

T.C. Penick
Bay One Customs